With the global food market entering a phase of uncertainty, prices rising unpredictably, many companies exiting the market, and international ties disrupted, the number one challenge for food-importing countries is to organize uninterrupted supply chains for grains and oilseeds.

Even the most reliable companies often refuse their obligations or, together with other market players, try to earn the maximum here and now to the detriment of long-term relationships with customers.

We, at AJAGROTRADE LLP, think in the horizon of at least the next decade, and we see the secret of the success of our business in building an impeccable reputation and building our own diversified business, practically independent of political and economic crises.

For more than 10 years we have been building the most advanced vertically integrated grain trading company in Kazakhstan. Our structure, in addition to trading and logistics divisions, includes our own fertile sown lands with an area of ​​more than 50,000 hectares in the West Kazakhstan region, our own elevator, as well as a modern fleet of agricultural machinery. Thanks to the control over the entire production chain, we can offer customers not only competitive prices, but also dramatically reduce the risks that inevitably occur with an increase in the number of companies involved in the implementation of the contract.

The food crops we offer to partners in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, China and Europe include safflower and sunflower. We strictly monitor the quality of our products and invest heavily in the introduction of new technologies.

Thanks to a reliable branched partner network in Kazakhstan and abroad, which includes leading logistics companies, more than 20 warehouses, the largest elevators and the world’s largest ship-owning companies, we can guarantee our customers uninterrupted shipment of the required volumes of safflower and sunflower on CIF, FOB and DAP delivery terms .

Our main business asset is the trust of our satisfied customers. Working with us, you can be completely sure that you will always receive the goods of the right quality, in the right quantity, in the right place and at the right time at the lowest price on the market.

The time of crisis is the moment of truth, and we are ready to prove that our investment in stability, reliability and reputation is the best response to the challenges of the time



在 AJAGROTRADE LLP,我們至少著眼於未來十年,我們看到了我們業務成功建立無可挑剔的聲譽和建立自己的多元化業務的秘訣,幾乎不受政治和經濟危機的影響。

十多年來,我們一直在建設哈薩克斯坦最先進的垂直一體化穀物貿易公司。除了貿易和物流部門外,我們的結構還包括我們自己在西哈薩克斯坦地區面積超過 50,000 公頃的肥沃耕地、我們自己的電梯以及現代化的農業機械車隊。由於對整個生產鏈的控制,我們不僅可以為客戶提供具有競爭力的價格,而且還可以大大降低隨著參與合同執行的公司數量的增加而不可避免地發生的風險。


由於在哈薩克斯坦和國外擁有可靠的分支機構合作夥伴網絡,其中包括領先的物流公司、20 多個倉庫、最大的電梯和世界上最大的船舶擁有公司,我們可以保證我們的客戶不間斷地運送所需數量的紅花和向日葵根據 CIF、FOB 和 DAP 交貨條款。